Internorm Lower The Qualification Criteria For The 1St Window Partner

For 2016, Internorm have lowered the qualification criteria for becoming a 1st Window Partner.  This is really frustrating for Ecohaus as we were the only 1st Window Partner in England and Scotland that met the previous strict criteria comfortably.  Internorm has reduced the spend threshold with them by 50% to allow smaller regional dealers to join the programme.  Five smaller regional dealers are now called Silver 1st Window Partners and Internorm has elevated Ecohaus to "GOLD 1st WINDOW PARTNER".

Ecohaus Internorm will still have the most favourable payment terms for clients compared to all other dealers.  With the Gold 1st Window Partner comes the financial strength and certainty that clients deserve when spending significant amounts for their Internorm Glazing.  Regional dealers do not have the financial strength and experinece of Ecohaus suffice to say three have gone into liquidation in the last two years causing significant pain and heartache to their clients.  

You are completely safe with Ecohaus particulary with our Customer Support Contract Guarantee which offers 100% piece of mind, please call for further details.


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