Internorm Composite Windows

Internorm Triple Glazed Windows

ecoHaus Internorm are the UK’s flagship Internorm Brand Ambassadors and longest serving Partner. We are proudly your 1st Window Partner and with that we supply and install windows nationwide guaranteeing the highest of standards on each and every project. We are Internorm’s Most Competitive – Guaranteed.

Our range of triple glazed composite windows will provide you with the very best in sound reduction and heat insulation with Uw values as low as 0.60 and sound reduction up to 47dB, depending on the product and its combination of material and insulating foam. The wonderful innovation of Internorm’s Glazing Technology is fully implemented into these triple glazed windows through I-tec glazing which promises outstanding stability and security with their glued glass panes.

Aluminium Timber Composite Windows

The range of triple glazed aluminium timber windows is subject to very strict criteria where only the highest quality of wood pieces will be used to create the most harmonic and radiant windows, despite being produced through a mechanised process over at Internorm. The mixture of timber and aluminium makes for a strong, stable window piece that brings you great benefits such as thermal insulation, weather resistance and stylish colour design.

UPVC/Aluminium Composite Windows

The KF and KV selection are made from UPVC (unplasticised polyvinyl chloride), a superior material used for triple glazed aluminium windows. This makes for a perfect combination that offers ease of care and a variety of colours and benefits. UPVC is heated during production where it becomes very flexible and easy to bend into shapes and arches. Then, once hardened, it turns rigid making it extremely robust and long-lasting. Our UPVC windows also have low conductivity which makes them good thermal insulators.

Investing in our leading triple glazed windows could save you a large amount of money and grant you a greater quality of living. Please browse through the Internorm window ranges below and get in touch with the No.1 supplier of triple glazed aluminium windows today on 0800 612 6519.


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