Internorm 1st Window Partner UK

Internorm Distribution Partner - Platinum Level


What does it actually mean to clients?

EcoHaus Internorm is the first UK Partner to be accredited with the highest Internorm European Partner rating. The scheme is designed to distinguish between the elite 1st Window Partner and other very much smaller regional Internorm “Distributors” who by definition do not meet these strict criteria. By engaging with EcoHaus Internorm you are working with the largest and most successful UK Internorm partner ever.

What are the benefits to clients?

EcoHaus acknowledge that when clients are looking to invest substantially in Internorm uPVC windows and doors they should have every available safeguard, only the 1st Window Partner guarantees this. Internorm Austria is extremely protective of they’re brand and reputation and through the 1st Window Partner scheme empower Ecohaus with tools to provide every safeguard for the client.

So how does that work?

Under the terms of our Internorm 1st Window Partner Terms & Conditions Contract, Ecohaus as

“The [1st] Window Partner must ensure that all Customer Contracts contain a provision allowing the [1st] Window Partner to assign or novate the Customer Contract to Internorm.”

Why is that important?

In the highly unlikely event that Ecohaus should have financial difficulties, Internorm will trigger the following. Essentially Internorm guarantees your project would be completed and warranty support, which is designed to give potential clients a very warm feel.

“In the event that Internorm has reason to believe that the [1st] Window Partner is unable properly to fulfill its obligations under a Customer Contract, Internorm shall be entitled to step in and take such steps as are intended to ensure the due performance of the relevant Customer Contract.”

OK, that all makes sense but do I get all of this and a competitive price?

The 1st Window Partner scheme also has a significant commercial strength to its status, guaranteeing the most competitive Internorm pricing.

Now this is what we want from you the client in return……..a Survey Response!

Internorm products are distributed through more than 1250 European Distribution Partners. Only the elite distributors are accredited with the Internorm [1st] Window Partner status. To attain this accreditation the distributor needs to demonstrate outstanding excellence from personal contact with the customer, understanding of the customer’s requirements and the provision of tailored solutions using high quality products and expert installation.

Internorm distributors that can demonstrate this ability is accredited the coveted status of the [1st] Window Distribution Partner.

An Internorm [1st] Distribution Partner needs to excel in the 12 customer care standards by effective staff training and being successfully audited and certified. Customers are contacted independently at the end of the process to assess the quality of the supply and installation of the Internorm products and their satisfaction of the completed project.

The 12 Internorm Customer care Standards are:

  • We will ensure that you can reach us conveniently and that we can arrange a suitable appointment.
  • In our showroom in a pleasant atmosphere you will receive a good overview of the products.
  • We will take you seriously as a customer, will always be polite and considerate and will attend to your individual needs.
  • Competent advice on all products and services makes the decision easier for you. Additionally, we can offer you useful accessories.
  • We personally collect the necessary original measurements.
  • The quote will be submitted on time and will correspond exactly to all agreements made during the advisory talk.
  • The quote will be clearly presented and we will work through it together with you and answer any possible questions.
  • We will explain to you clearly and understandably the benefits and procedure of an expert installation.
  • The ordered products will be delivered and installed on time and complete and in an immaculate condition.
  • All work will be done in a careful manner, clean and properly and will be carried out by a reliable and competent installation team.
  • We will contact you within due course after installation to ensure that you are excited with the products and service.
  • We will react straight away and in a helpful manner to your questions and concerns.

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