Visiline 2 Slimline Sliding Door

Visiline Sliding Doors
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Colour Finishes
RAL9005,RAL7016,RAL7021,Platinum Anodized
Thermal Thermal Insulation (in W/m2K)
Uw from 1,2
Sound Sound Reduction (in dB)

An avant-garde design of a thermally broken sliding system that permits maximum luminosity with the minimum amount of seen aluminium profile section. An elegance in design that looks to cover great light spaces with minimum frame fragments from 8% of the total surface. It shows seen centre junction sections of only 20 mm, in the lateral junction at 50 mm and the top/bottom junctions at 50 mm.

Manufactured in the UK.

Possibility of sash meetings at a 90° corner without a mullion.

In its monochannel version, comprising of fixed and sash, the hidden rail is found in the fixed area.

It incorporates the new type of GALANDAGE that is designed to allow the possibility of an integral opening in the space to completely conceal the sashes in the building curtain wall chamber. In this way a 100% opening surface can be achieved.

This GALANDAGE option is made up of a single and dual channel rail which allows for a single or double sash concealed balcony doors. This presents a new type of frame for 1, 2 or 3 rails that allows the incorporation of a stainless steel rail that affords increased sliding smoothness, an increase in loading support for the bearings (up to 600 kg/sash) and increased durability.

A system with traditional fitting procedures with perimetral frame and sashes that allows the sash to be dismantled in case of glass breakage, damage to the aluminium profile etc. It incorporates an electric shootbolt lock.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (in mm)
Frame construction depth (2 Rails) 150
Frame construction depth (3 Rails) 225
Mullion Width 20
Test Results
Air Permeability Class 4
Water Tightness Class 7A
Wind Resistance Class C5
Opening Possibilities
Sliding Sashes 1,2,3,4 & 6
Possibility of 1 Rail tick
Possibility of 2 Rails tick
Possibility of 3 Rails tick
Possibility of interior corner tick
Possibility of exterior corner tick
Galandage on sashes 1,2,3 & 4
Maximum Dimensions/sash
Width (in mm) 4200
Height (in mm) 3200
Weight (in Kg) 600

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