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Our aluminium sliding doors, from our own Visiline range, are designed to open up any home, whether it be a new build or part of larger renovations. With a maximum panel size of 9 sq/m, you can invite a wealth of natural light into your indoor living space. This abundance of light is key to physical and mental wellbeing.

The large glass panels in our sliding patio doors in Gloucestershire & the UK have the added bonus of making your property feel warmer in the winter through solar gain. We have showrooms in Gloucestershire, Swansea, Cambridge, Wales, Swindon, Surrey & Stroud so you can see our stunning Visiline sliding doors for yourself.


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Thermal Insulation (in W/m2K):

Up to 0.9


Sound Reduction (in dB):

Up to 40


Includes RAL, Dual Colour, Colour Powder Coating, Anodized

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Our aluminium sliding doors have excellent energy efficiency, with a U-value of just 1.22 W/m2k. The glazing ensures that you will not lose heat in the winter. Our sliding patio doors were designed with your safety as a priority. The doors are compliant with the PAS 24:16 security test.

Additionally, they have a number of innovative features which ensure your security further. For example, our sleek aluminium sliding doors have an electric high security locking mechanism linked to a wall switch.

The Visiline sliding door range is available nationwide in a range of finishes, all of which are guaranteed by the European EWAA-EURAS seal of approval.

Get in touch today to discuss pricing on a set of our in-house range of Visiline patio doors for renovations, new builds or replacement doors.

Our Visiline Sliding Door Range

Visiline 1 Sliding Door

Visiline 2 Slimline Sliding door

Visiline 3 Panorama Sliding Door

Features & Benefits

Opening Up Any Space

With minimal sightlines of just 20mm, our aluminium sliding doors can open up any building. Our doors are designed to create the illusion of more space in any home. Maximising the amount of natural light in any property, these doors seamlessly combine outdoor and indoor environments together. You can create a blended living area by sliding the doors open and displaying a bigger space. Although our aluminium sliding doors have slim sightlines, they are made using robust materials which ensure a long lifespan.

Innovative Technology

Our aluminium sliding doors are driven by unique technology which upgrades their performance. For example, you can externally access our patio doors using a remote control which can link to up to three doors on one fob. Crucially, if a power failure occurs, the locks on our aluminium sliding doors go into safe mode and a bolt adds an extra layer of security. This ensures your total safety. You can easily manually override the locking system via a discreetly placed access panel.

Adaptable Design

Our aluminium sliding doors are sure to match any project. We offer a range of finishes, including anodised brushed platinum, which creates an authentic stainless steel appearance. Our powder coated finishes are guaranteed by the highest European seals of approval. These guarantees ensure that our finishes match the most stringent European quality standards. The colours are also highly resistant to scratches and scuffs. Adaptable to any property, our doors can be locked in a 100mm vented position to maximise air flow.

Aluminium sliding door prices

Aluminium Sliding Door Prices

Our team of product specialists are based in Gloucestershire and across England & Wales and are on hand to give free estimated costs for our aluminium sliding doors. You can fill out our online contact form and our team will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss your project. You call us on 0800 612 6519 to have your questions answered and receive more details on our products and systems. Book an appointment to visit one of our showrooms, which bring our products to life. Our handy Find A Showroom tool can give you details on those closest to you.


Our Visiline aluminium sliding doors are available with a range of customisation options, including an array of handle choices. You can select the intricate hardware and accessories of our Visiline doors by choosing ecoHaus, ensuring each component is exactly as desired.

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Case Studies

We have a variety of case studies which will give you an insight into how we have completed past projects. With a range of examples, including new and old properties alike, you can see how our doors have added the final touch to previous designs. Browse through images showing the before and after of the installation process to see how our attention to detail creates the perfect entrance for any property.

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Experience our stunning showroom and see our products for yourself. If you have any questions, our expert product specialists will be able to guide you through our processes. See the level of precision which is used in the manufacturing of our doors and the intricate components that enable them to function. Book an appointment today and discover the closest one to you using our Showroom Finder tool.

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Interested in our Other Styles of Modern Sliding Door?

In addition to our in-house bespoke sliding doors, we also provide slimline aluminium sliding doors from Internorm. Why not take a look at the styles offered there if you are still making a decision?

Book an appointment in one of our showrooms today for a free consultation and we can help you find the right sliding door to start your project.

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