Timber-Aluminium Windows

Natural, cozy and stable - Internorm timber-aluminium windows

For centuries, windows have been manufactured exclusively from timber - each wooden window was a unique masterpiece - made by hand, adapted exactly to the fitting location and its function. Even if Internorm quality wooden windows nowadays are manufactured partly by a mechanised process, craftsmanship is still involved and thus upgrades the timber-aluminium window.

The processed timber used to build these windows is subject to strict criteria at Internorm. Already, when the wood is cut at the sawmill, only the best and finest pieces of the trunk are used to achieve an even grain pattern or to emphasise the timber characteristics; all with the aim of achieving the most harmonious and individual composite window.  

Timber does not only provide naturalness and cosiness as material. Characteristics such as low thermal conductivity as well as high strength and stability fulfil even high static requirements of a composite window. The composite of aluminium, thermal foam and timber in composite windows features a weather-resistant aluminium clad on the outside and a warm timber surface on the inside of the timber-aluminium window. This creates a composite window with perfect insulation properties with narrow construction depth and many possibilities of colour design.

Internorm timber-aluminium windows can be perfectly combined with UPVC-aluminium windows in all four design styles.

Timber-Aluminium Composite Windows 

Timber windows are unparalleled in their naturalness and cosiness. The mixture of timber and aluminium makes for strong, stable window piece that delivers outstanding benefits for your home including thermal insulation and weather resistance. These are achieved through the aluminium clad on the outside, protecting the timber from weathering and special foam situated between the two harmonious materials ensuring perfect insulation and U-values for these composite windows.  

Next to the classic timber types such as spruce and larch, we can also offer you oak, ash and walnut, all available in an array of stylish colour designs. Thus, your composite windows can perfectly match your interior design, your floors and your interior doors.  

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