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If you think that our Internorm large-scale sliding doors would be a good addition to your home or project, book a showroom visit today. We can show you the applicable Internorm profiles in person and discuss prices and other options that are available to you.

Although we manufacture our windows and doors in the Swindon area, we have four additional showrooms across England and Scotland.

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Internorm Large-Scale Life & Sliding Doors

Reveal the true capabilities of your home or commercial property with our Internorm large-scale sliding doors. With expansive glass panes, you will be able to let an abundance of natural light into the indoor space without compromising on energy efficiency. Our patio doors are designed to keep your building warm, even in winter, without letting the cold in. Discover the applicable products in this range below.

HS 330 Timber / Aluminium Lift-Sliding Door

KS 430 uPVC Aluminium Lift-Sliding Door

Features and Benefits

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Our range of Internorm large-scale sliding doors excels at maximising living space in your interior. These doors are effortlessly easy to use with sliding glass doors. Triple glazing is the standard with this product and gives you the perfect balance of heat retention and noise reduction. These sliding doors are the perfect addition to any homeowner looking to get the most out of their property.

Slim and Narrow

Our Internorm large-scale sliding doors are designed with the perfect combination of form and function in mind. Utilising a slim and narrow profile without compromising on strength allows for a door that is both incredibly durable and simultaneously a stylish feature. These sleek designs mean you can utilise the fullest amount of your living space while seeing all the benefits of the large-scale sliding door.

Easy to Use

With their integration of user-friendly design, our large-scale sliding doors’ operation is now incredibly smooth. Despite their ability to support the strong, glazed panels the door holds, the function is designed to be as easy as possible. Lifting and sliding the door is effortless as it glides open and closed as and when you need it, without any hassle and struggle to the operator.

Keeping Safe

Internorm’s range of large-scale sliding doors is designed with security in mind as much as the whole range of our products. As a standard, our doors are compliant up to PAS 24, giving some of the highest standards of protection available. However, we also have several options for additional security features, including RC1N or RC2 burglar protection to ensure you have complete peace of mind.

Toughened Panes

The selection of large-scale sliding doors on offer from Internorm come with triple glazing as a standard feature. This ensures three levels of benefits for your home and helps with factors such as heating costs and noise reduction. Some of our doors also come with toughened glass panes to prevent the likelihood of breakage and create a reinforced link between your home’s interior and exterior.

Range of Choice

When it comes to selecting the right product, we like to make sure that there are many options available so you can pick the right one for you. Our Internorm range of large-scale sliding doors allows you to select the material for your product, helping you make sure that your new home improvement integrates seamlessly into your property. Whether a more traditional property or new build, we’ll have a product that suits you.

Preserving Peace

There can be many distractions emanating from the outside that can be disruptive, even when inside your property. Loud noises can often take you out of the peaceful environment that your interior should provide. However, our selection of Internorm large-scale sliding doors come with varying levels of noise reduction technology, helping you keep that noise outside where it belongs.

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Large-Scale Sliding Door Prices

Give us a call on 0800 612 6519 to receive expert advice and transparent quotes which are tailored to your project. Our simple to use online contact form is an easy way to submit questions or quote requests, even out of hours. Our team of product specialists are more than happy and available to talk you through our supply and design processes. Speak to an expert in person at one of our showrooms, which are based in England, Wales and Scotland. You can use our Find a Showroom tool to discover one close to you.


Our Internorm large-scale sliding doors are available with a range of customisation options and choices to suit any style or taste. Discover our full range of options today.

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Case Studies

We understand the importance of understanding our products’ journey and your home, and the reassurance it can bring knowing the steps involved. We have several case studies available here on our website that takes you through every stage of the process we have undertaken with previous customers. We hope this will inspire you to start developments for your property.

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Aluminium sliding doors Gloucestershire UK


Our website is great at showing you all the products we have on offer and providing a wealth of information, to help inform your home improvements. If you feel motivated by this and still want to learn more, you can visit us at any of our showroom locations. Here you’ll see the products in person and can ask any additional questions you may have to a member of our team. Use our Showroom Finder tool to discover which location best suits you, whether that be our main manufacturing base in Swindon or elsewhere.

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