Internorm Large-Scale Sliding Doors

Large-Scale Passivhaus Sliding Doors

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The passivhaus Internorm lift-sliding door range creates space into your living area like never before; they remove the barrier between you and the outside, integrating your home with the surrounding nature. Their large glass elements slide effortlessly along the fixed glazing making it even easier to enlarge your living space. These elements also create sunlight flooded rooms which make them appear much more spacious.

Large Sliding Doors Materials & Insulation

Our large sliding doors can be made out of timber, aluminium or a mixture of both. The lift and slide movement of this large-scale sliding door really does amaze with its technological data boasting thermal insulation values as low as 0.64 and triple glazing as standard resulting in low heat emission and excellent heating costs in the long term. The Internorm HS 330 Timber/Aluminium Lift-Sliding door and KS 430 uPVC & uPVC/Aluminium Lift-Sliding door are the next generation in passivhaus sliding doors. Which one will you choose?

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