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The ideal window for modern and contemporary homes. The sleek, flat frame offers clean lines and a flush finish, adding a touch of Scandi-style to every room. Add glazing bars for extra detail or keep things simple with beautiful, uninterrupted glass.

auraplus Rationel windows

Thermal Insulation (in W/m2K):

Uw up to 0.79 Triple Glazed / 1.29 Double Glazed


Sound Reduction (in dB):

up to 42 dB



PAS 24

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Some of the key characteristics and benefits of AURAPLUS lies in there minimal yet efficient design. The AURAPLUS is suitable for almost any project and is designed to last with an average expected life expectancy of 83-years. Their Aluminium exterior covers a solid wood frame and provide exceptional durability and longevity in the process. This window does satisfy Secured by Design requirements and thus will not only provide you with a clean aesthetic but also help keep your home secure.  
There are also many customisation features that come with this window such as the option for both double glazing and triple glazing where required. This will ensure that your home is also exceptionally energy efficient. There are also a host of aesthetic customisation options available such as Dual-colour frames which come at no additional cost and more than 200 colour options to choose from. AURAPLUS is the window of choice for those seeking a highly efficient yet minimal design. 

Technical Specifications

Dimension (in mm) Opening Versions Gaskets
Frame construction depth 123
Quantity 2
View width frame/sash 93
Open Out Casement
Colour Black/ Grey
View width flying mullion (2 sashes) 131
Tilt & Turn
View width transom/mullion (2 sashes) 155
Fully Reversible
Hinged Doors
Level Thresholds

Features & Benefits

Exceptional Security Standards

The Auraplus hardware we provide our customers from these windows has standard to meet Secured by Design requirements. This includes several locking points around the frame as well as reinforced fittings ensuring that you and your home are secure.

Flexible & Smart Design

Auraplus windows come with external aluminium cladding which can add up to 20+ years of longevity to your windows while retaining the thermal benefits of natural wood on the interior.

Fantastic Thermal Performance

Enjoy the benefits of a slim sightlines and uninterrupted views of the outdoors without being subjected to its temperatures. As a timber-aluminium hybrid, the Auraplus is exceptionally efficient at keep your home thermally regulated. Save money on your energy bills and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Auraplus Window Prices

Use our online contact form to ask us any questions which you have and request a quote for our products. You can call our team of product specialists, based in the Gloucestershire area, on 0800 612 6519. They will be happy to help you with any additional information which you need. You can book an appointment online to visit one of our showrooms. Use the Find A Showroom tool to find the nearest one to you. 

auraplus windows
auraplus windows
auraplus windows
auraplus Rationel windows

In Detail

Rationel Windows

Impressive Durability

With an expected lifetime of 83 years, AURAPLUS and FORMAPLUS windows offer impressive durability and only need minimal maintenance.

Cosy & Quiet 

Stay warm and cosy with Rationel windows. Choose from double or triple glazing to help achieve the ideal comfort level in every room. Excellent insulation also means great noise reduction, so add peace and quiet to the list of Rationel benefits.

Protect The Environment

Reduce your carbon footprint, and your energy bills, with energy efficient windows. Beautiful slim frames (made from FSC®-certified wood) are designed to increase light transmission and Rationel windows also carry the Danish ‘Indoor Climate Label’, proof that they won’t release toxic substances after they’re installed.

Safe Houses 

All Rationel windows are outward opening and meet Secured by Design standards, which means they are designed to withstand a typical burglar’s attempt to break into your home. Features such as extra strong ironmongery, laminated glass and multi-point locking all help keep you safe and secure.

Windows Tailored To Your Home 

Rationel windows are manufactured to order so make every window your own. Choose from a range of different opening types, and from an impressive palette of colours and finishes – you can even select a different colour inside and out. And don’t forget the glass – if you need more privacy or security, greater solar control, better noise protection, or even brightly coloured panels, we have the options to choose from. Auraplus windows can be personalised to match and complement the existing style of your home. 

Extra Features


These windows are available in an array of colours and with all manners of hardware and accessories. From handles to locking systems, we have something for every project.

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Case Studies

Take a look at our case studies to find out more about how our installation process works. You can see how our windows have adapted to fit renovated or extended homes or new build properties.

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Our showrooms, located across England, Wales and Scotland, offer you the opportunity to see our products in person and examine small details. Our team of product specialists will be on hand to answer any questions you have or give you specific advice for your project.

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