Visiline 1

Visiline 1 Sliding Door

Our Internorm sliding doors have slim designs and minimalist interlock to give you a sleek and modern aesthetic, with just 35mm of visible section. With great heat retention properties caused by high quality glazing, this sliding door style will help make your home more energy efficient. Available for homes across the nation, the Visiline 1 sliding door helps maximise living space. It accomplishes this with it’s excellent levels of transparency, that allows large amounts of natural light to fill your home space. It’s a perfect mix of style and substance and is sure to be a major focal point for any type of property.

Aluminium sliding doors Surrey

Thermal Insulation (in W/m2K):

Uw up to 1.4


Sound Reduction (in dB):




Dual Colour, Colour Powder Coating, Anodized

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High quality materials and an excellent manufacturing process create a sliding door that is resistant to most weather effects. The Visiline 1 sliding door has been tested against multiple categories and achieved fantastic results. This includes: air permeability tested to class 4, water tightness to class 7A and wind resistance to class C5. Alongside this immense durability, the Visiline 1 sliding door offers acoustic insulation to help keep outside noise levels down and relaxation up inside your home. With several possibilities of finish, and a smooth, gliding operation, this sliding door offers the perfect mix of form and function for any homeowner.

Aluminium sliding doors Surrey
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Hardware & Glass Options

The Visiline 1 Sliding Door can be customised to meet the requirements of your home. There are a number of glass options and hardware features to choose from to make your sliding doors truly unique.

Sliding doors make up a large portion of the exterior wall of your home, so ensuring that they perform well is paramount to the functionality and performance of your home. Whether you are looking to increase the thermal efficiency, light transmission, or privacy of your property, we have the solution.

The LowE Clear Glass is the ideal choice for allowing optimal light into your home. It has a neutral aspect which improved light transmission.

The Super LowE benefits from super low emissivity, helping to reduce heat loss through your sliding doors. This means your home will retain heat in the winter but avoid overheating in the summer.

Another option is our laminated Safety Glass which consists of two sheets of glass glued together with a transparent resin. This increases its durability and prevents shards from being detached in case of breakage.

The best option for those wanting high light transmission without compromising privacy is ornamental glass. There is a satin and a tinted option as well as various textures. By softening the view past the glass, a high level of privacy is maintained.

We offer a range of handle options, including with or without cylinders. You can opt for a simple single interior handle, or you have the option to add exterior handles in addition, either lever or pull.

All of our handles come in white, silver, or black, so there is a perfect match for any aluminium frame, and they can be made to match the handles on your ecoHaus windows. Call us on 0800 612 6519 if you have any further questions about the Visiline 1 Sliding Doors.

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Visline 1 Sliding Door Prices

You can call us on 0800 612 6519 to request a quote for our HV 450 timber-aluminium windows. Our team of experts will be happy to give you bespoke advice for your project. Use our online contact form to learn more about our design, supply and install process or ask any questions which you may have about our windows. You can visit one of our showrooms by booking an appointment online. We have a handy Showroom Finder tool to help you discover the closest one to you.

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