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KF 520 uPVC-Aluminium Windows

Our Internorm KF 520 uPVC-aluminium windows are available nationwide, thanks to ecoHaus various showrooms and installation teams. These Internorm profiles have a sleek, minimalistic style which is achieved through ultra slim sightlines and large glass panes. With heat insulating glass as standard, these triple glazed windows have excellent energy values and will stop cold air from getting into the home. Our KF 520 uPVC-aluminium windows include Internorm’s triple gasket seal which further increases the energy efficiency and weatherproofing of these systems.

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Thermal Insulation (in W/m2K):

Uw up to 0.65


Sound Reduction (in dB):

35 – 45



Secured by Design & PAS 24

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These KF 520 uPVC-aluminium windows were designed with your security in mind, with unbeatable security components integrated into their design. Internorm’s ingenious I-tec Secure innovation will give you complete peace of mind. These triple glazed windows offer sound reduction capabilities of up to 46 dB, minimising the impact of noise pollution on any home as well. Contact us to receive a quote for our KF 520 uPVC-aluminium windows.

Technical Specifications

Dimension (in mm) Opening Versions Gaskets
Frame construction depth 74
Quantity 3
View width frame/sash 97
Turn and turn/tilt
Colour Black
View width flying mullion (2 sashes) 100
View width transom/mullion (2 sashes) 154
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Lockable doors
Sliding doors
Doors with threshold
Outward Opening Doors

Features & Benefits

Minimalistic Design

Our KF 520 uPVC-aluminium windows have minimal sightlines, which invites as much natural light as possible into a renovated or extended home and gives you open and uninterrupted views of outside spaces.

Safe and Secure

Internorm’s KF 520 uPVC-aluminium windows include the unique I-tec Secure locking mechanism which uses integrated flaps. These flaps prevent any levering of the window and provide excellent protection from burglars or intruders.

Heat Insulation

Our KF 520 uPVC-aluminium windows have a U-value of just 0.63 W/m2k and include innovative I-tec Glazing to keep heat in your home in the winter, reduce dependency on energy systems and reduce cold air ingress.

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KF 520 uPVC-Aluminium Window Prices

Request a quote using our online contact form today. Just fill out a few details and we will be in touch as soon as possible. You can call 0800 612 6519 to speak to our team about specific details or to find out more about pricing. Book an appointment online to visit one of our showrooms and discuss the specifics of your project with our experts. You can use our Find A Showroom tool to discover the closest one to you.

Extra Features


All Internorm windows, the KF 520 included, come with a wide range of options and upgrades. From glazing security improvements to handle designs, there is a whole host of choices for you to select from.

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