UPVC-Aluminium Windows

UPVC-aluminium - a perfect combination

White UPVC windows are still the hit among all sold windows. However, many customers already tend towards UPVC-aluminium windows - and there are reasons for this. The aluminium clad on the outside of the UPVC-aluminium window is much easier to care for and can also be designed in many colours and surfaces. The current trend for UPVC-aluminium windows is stainless steel or metallic decor colours. Also the demand for beige and brown tones next to the numerous grey tones is strongly rising for aluminium composite windows.

Next to a multitude of colours and the different designs of the UPVC-aluminium windows, we can also offer you technical highlights such as I-tec ventilation. This ventilation can be fitted directly into the UPVC-aluminium window frame of KF 410 or KV 440. You can now decide for yourself, how strong the ventilation should be set and how many times it should run - and this individually for each UPVC-aluminium window and thus for each room. More information about this can be found under: ventilation for living area.

KF 410


KF 520


KV 440


KF 310


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