A unique small detached house nestled in the town of Hastings

A unique small detached house nestled in the town of Hastings

Vaulted House is an architectural delight, uniquely nestled within a row of old Victorian houses in the town of Hastings, East Sussex.

Built with the intention of selling on completion, our client took on the project with planning consent already in place for a detached property. With another self-build; a family home in Kent, just nearing completion our client was certainly not phased by another unique building project.

Vaulted House is a total departure from the architectural style of its surroundings. Located in the West Hill area of Hastings, the house sits within rows of Victorian properties, overlooking a stunning vista.

Working with local architectectural designer Michael D Hall, the site work started in 2022 and completed in 2023. Because of the topography of the plot, 400 tonnes of clay was excavated and grabbed away from site to achieve a plain ground for the build. The rear garden is still raised however and can be accessed via the rear balcony on the middle floor of the building.

With a unique roof profile, four curved structural steel beams were fabricated and installed to frame out the roof trustees before being covered in aluminium metal roof.

“The design features big windows oriented to the east and south to take advantage of the sun movement during the day. The most outstanding features of the design are the round window profiles and vaulted round roof that house the top floor of the building.”

When it came to glazing, our client knew he needed someone with expertise to get the right features to fit the vaulted shape of the property. “I’d worked with ecoHaus before for my self-build in Kent; I love the products they offer and the installation team are just superb. ecoHaus always goes above and beyond to ensure the desired outcome is achieved.”

Our client opted for Internorm uPVC/aluminium windows and Visiline aluminium bifolds in RAL9005 black, achieving a seamless look.

“I’m currently in the process of commissioning ecoHaus for another small estate development which is very exciting.” It is great to have our client’s return custom and we always relish the opportunity to work on such unique builds.

With the property now complete and ready to be sold on, it’s clear that the  showstopping feature is the big windows that allow far reaching views of the valley and sea. That being said, if he could do it all again, would our client do anything differently? “Perhaps make the top curve glazing even bigger!”

We can’t wait to see the next project! To see more images of Vaulted House, visit our gallery page.

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