Bristol Project

20 June 2022

Products Used

Newbuild project designed by an American architect.

Utilises Internorm HF410 windows with oak inside and Visiline 2 Sliding doors throughout the indoor swimming pool which keeps the pool separate to the rest of the house

Bristol Project

This breathtaking property needed equally stunning profiles to accentuate the pathways and viewpoints of the building. ecoHaus had the absolute privilege of installing our Internorm HF 410 Timber Aluminium Windows and Visiline 2 Slimline Sliding Doors at the request of the American Architect who designed this project. ecoHaus creates a sense of elegance and tranquillity with the use of these products that highlight the main features of this property’s design. 

The use of Internorm HF 410 Timber Aluminium Windows not only provides a luxurious addition to the aesthetic of the Bristol Project; they increase the property’s energy efficiency and have concealed locking mechanisms to uphold the security of the beautiful home. ecoHaus installed Internorm timber aluminium windows with a customised colour frame that ties together the sleek external aesthetic while adding a wholesome warmth to the internal style. 

The addition of Visiline 2 Slimline Sliding Doors by ecoHaus creates an atmosphere of class and sophistication for the interior of this property. 

This project aimed to maintain the appeal of open plan living spaces while having the ability to section areas of the home when necessary. ecoHaus has successfully managed this with the installation of Visiline 2 sliding doors at close intervals surrounding the internal pool and giving access to the rooms that branch off from this area of the home. 

ecoHaus installed the incredible Visiline 2 Sliding Doors to maximum luminosity with the minimum amount of visible aluminium profile, resulting in a modern, minimalist aesthetic while maintaining thermal efficiency and PAS 24:16 security compliance. 

Internorm HF 410 Timber Aluminium Windows

Internorm windows complete a minimalist aesthetic while providing outstanding performance. The components of these high performing windows exceed the standards, with triple glazed heat insulated glass as standard and Internorm I-TEC core to boost load bearing capability, ecoHaus was able to install large scale fixed window panes without compromising the structural integrity of the Bristol Project. 

Furthermore, the extensive choice of opening versions of the Internorm timber aluminium windows meant that ecoHaus could install variations of this high performance product to complete the design specifications. 

ecoHaus used a combination of operable and fixed Internorm windows in line with the architect’s requirements to provide the property with as much natural light as possible. The timber aluminium windows offer a sound reduction ability of up to 45dB to minimise external noise disruption and boast U-Values as low as 0.64 W/m2k.

Internorm engineers a concealed high security locking mechanism to ensure the highest possible protection for any property with HF 410 Timber Aluminium Windows. These windows are Secured by Design and PAS 24:16 certified. 

Visiline 2 Slimline Sliding Doors 

ecoHaus installed Visiline 2 Slimline Sliding Doors to the interior of this property to uphold the aesthetic appeal of open plan living while maintaining privacy and the option of segregating rooms with ease. 

The Visiline sliding door was the perfect choice for ecoHaus to install as its ultra slim profile maximises light emittance while sustaining nose reduction of up to 40 dB.

 The slimline sliding doors also achieve incredible thermal insulation with U-values of up to 1.4 W/m2k, excluding any draughts, and increasing the home’s energy efficiency.

ecoHaus understands how vital it is to maintain strong security measures for your home and ensures top line security performance of the products we install. The Visiline 2 Slimline Sliding Doors perform at this optimal level as they are Secured by Design and PAS 24:16 certified.  

Choosing ecoHaus

ecoHaus has gratefully received No1 UK Internorm Partner Award for the 11th year in a row which illustrates our strong commitment to building long term relationships with our manufacturers and to installing exceptional products that are second to none.

If you’re feeling motivated by this stunning property and ready to explore ecoHaus triple glazing options for your grand design, give us a call at 0800 612 6519 or fill out our online form today to make the most out of including our outstanding Internorm and Visiline products in your home.

We will contact you as soon as possible and assure you that with our years of experience in the industry, commitment to customer service, and only the highest quality products being supplied, you will receive an outcome beyond your expectations.

We are FENSA-approved installers, highlighting our belief in ecoHaus products and our customers!

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