ENERPHIT – Harpenden

7 September 2022

Products Used

  • Internorm HF410 Windows & Doors

A total transformation of this original 1960s property to include stunning new modern features, including our sublime Internorm HF410 Windows and Doors.

ENERPHIT - Harpenden 

ecoHaus completed the total transformation of this original 1960s property to give the home a modern aesthetic while maintaining its warm, family feel. The house, set in the town of Harpenden, has been given an updated look with the use of Internorm HF 410 Timber Aluminium Windows and Internorm entrance doors. This effortlessly brings an urban appeal to the property in a town north of London. 

The use of a selection of operable and fixed timber aluminium windows has enabled ecoHaus to install products that maximise natural light within the full property effectively. Product placement is a really important factor for ecoHaus during installation and we were thrilled to achieve the best outcome for this Harpenden home by placing windows precisely around the building to extend the amount of natural light experienced.

The Internorm Entrance Door used on this property again boosts light emittance while maintaining the security of this beautiful home with its built-in concealed locking mechanism and durable framework to keep intruders at bay. The intriguing factor regarding the Internorm Entrance Door is just how customisable it can be, so much so that you can create a door like no other by choosing from material, colour, and finishing touches like the door handle design.

Functional and Fantastic Internorm HF 410 Timber Aluminium Windows. 

Internorm HF 410 Timber Aluminium Windows are a brilliant way to create a safe and thermally efficient aperture in the home. ecoHaus provided custom finished timber aluminium windows for this project to compliment both the interior style and exterior look at the request of the client. 

The safety aspect of the Internorm windows makes them a great choice for ecoHaus to install as they have RC1N and RC2 standards of security protection from burglars or other intruders. They are also Secure by Design and PAS 24:16 certified to ensure the safety of the property isn’t compromised.

With a wide choice of profile colours and handles available, The customising options for the Internorm timber aluminium windows offer the client the ability to seamlessly blend the profiles of these windows with the design of the home. 

These timber aluminium profiles also contain Internorm I-TEC core technology which compiles thin, laminated timber layers and makes the HF 410 stable and robust, while the combination of insulating foam, timber, and aluminium cladding reaffirm the thermal efficiency. 

The main features of Internorm HF 410 windows offer a sound reduction of up to 43 dB, an effective benefit for those living close to roads or in a densely populated area. They have concealed locking mechanisms making them tamper proof and adding to the overall security of the profile, and the thermal insulation performance offers U-Values as low as 0.65 W/m2k. 

ecoHaus maintains this product’s high performance by having a team of experienced, expert installers to work on projects like ENERPHIT to ensure a smooth process and precise fitting of all windows and doors.

Internorm Entrance Doors

The door that was chosen and designed for this installation combined the beauty of design with seamless functionality. Our installation team at ecoHaus worked with the clients to ensure the integration of this product flowed in line with the rest of the design and provided outstanding quality as the main entryway of the property. 

The sleek profile of this door with the addition of several glass panes created the appeal of modern aesthetics while the warmth of the chosen colour brings about the cosy feel of a family home.

One of the key features of our Internorm entrance doors is superior quality. Each door is crafted with precision and attention to detail, using high quality materials that ensure long lasting performance. In addition, these doors are completely customisable which gives our clients the ability to design a truly unique entryway and create lasting first impressions with an upgraded curb appeal. Whether you’d opt for a minimalist design or you’d like to express a little extravagance, we have the materials available to help make it happen.

Whether it’s aluminium, timber, or a combination of both, Internorm carefully selects materials that are not only visually appealing but also resistant to external elements such as weather, physical impact, and UV radiation. This ensures that the doors maintain their elegance and functionality for many years to come. 

The security aspect of our Internorm entrance doors allows full peace of mind with the five point locking system that is built in as standard. They are also Secured By Design and PAS 24:16 certified, with the option of additional RC1 and RC2 protection available. Home safety is something we take very seriously at ecoHaus and we know that providing top of the line products like our Internorm entrance doors will fulfil the requirements of maintaining a secure home. 

ecoHaus was grateful to help another dream come true with the installation of these fantastic products, and for helping to create another greener home with less environmental impact.

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