3 August 2021

Products Used

  • Large HS330 Sliding Door with Integrated Glass Join
  • Extension Project

Architect: Richard Pears Architect

Ratho Extension
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Ratho Home Extension Project
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Ratho Project

A Modern, Sleek Architectural Case Study

Creating a gorgeous, warm environment with a modern twist, our Internorm Sliding Doors showcase this property perfectly. Utilising a vast opening that seamlessly connects interior to garden, this home showcases exactly what our large-scale sliding door range can provide. 

With large expanses of natural light, breathtaking scenery and a clear view of the patio dining area, this space is tailor made for homeowners and guests alike. Showcasing the outdoor scenery from the inside and framing the interior decor from the outside, this case study is a perfect example of just how our doors can breathe life into a home. 

Unlock the potential of your home or commercial property with Internorm’s sliding doors. These glass panes let in an abundance of natural light while offering unrivalled energy efficiency. Internorm sliding doors are designed to keep any building warm while keeping the cold out- even in the winter months. Explore the products below and discover the possibilities for your next architectural glazing investment.

HS 330 and KS 430 Internorm Sliding Doors

Like many of our other home improvement projects, this property features our collection of large-scale Internorm sliding doors. 

We fitted this property with our large-scale Internorm sliding doors, knowing it would instantly add a touch of magic to this home. Featuring uninterrupted views with incredibly slim sightlines, this build harmonises the space between home and garden with ease. With modern, narrow frames that don’t compromise on strength, our range of Internorm sliding doors are perfect for any modern property. 

The profiles we install are Secured By Design and PAS 24 certified, ensuring your home is kept secure- protecting the things you love. However, this style of Internorm sliding door isn’t just secure- it’s also energy efficient, offering impressively low U-Values of up to 0.62 W/m2k. With top notch thermal efficiency all year round, these doors don’t sacrifice efficiency for style- helping you enjoy your garden whatever the weather, with an abundance of light in every room. 

Our Internorm sliding door collection features toughened glass, that helps to not only improve thermal efficiency, but also dissuade even the most determined of intruders. The robust panels help to prevent damage, ensuring you won’t need to pay out for repairs or replacements any time soon.  The glass provided also helps to maintain high levels of sound insulation- perfect for properties on busier streets or close to travel links. When you invest in an Internorm sliding door, you’re investing in a calm and peaceful home. 

With a contemporary grey finish, these Internorm sliding doors successfully added a modern feel to this property. With a luxe matte finish, we know this property is sure to turn heads. However, these doors also have a variety of options available that are sure to satisfy the aesthetic needs or tastes of any homeowner. With bespoke hardware and framing choices, the style of your property is always in your hands. 

To find out more about our range of Internorm Sliding Doors, contact us today. 

Why Choose ecoHaus?

Architectural glazing can add a personal touch to any property. If you’re looking for our range of Internorm Sliding Doors, or perhaps a different style of bespoke architectural glazing, ecoHaus can help you make your dreams a reality. With personalised products and tailor-made results, we offer an attention to detail you simply won’t find anywhere else. 

Are you in need of a provider of architectural glazing, such as unique windows and doors, for your grand design? Look no further than ecoHaus. Our experienced team has partnered with some of the best suppliers in Europe, and we are eager to help you from the start of your project all the way to the completed product. Whether you’re looking for our range of internorm sliding doors or something different, we’d love to help. Contact us today if you are a homeowner or an architect looking for custom goods that can help to shape your home. 

Architectural Glazing Prices in the UK

Are you looking to upgrade your architectural glazing designs in the UK? The ecoHaus team can provide you with a wide range of window and door systems that are perfect for any project- including our breathtaking Internorm sliding doors. To get started, just give us a call on 0800 612 6519, or fill out our online form and one of our experts will be in touch as soon as we can.

If you would like to speak to an expert about our supply and design processes, our team of product specialists are available and eager to help. Our showrooms are located in England, Wales and Scotland, and you can use our Find a Showroom tool to locate one near you. We’d be more than happy to discuss our range of Internorm sliding doors and help you with your next home improvement project. 

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