Rufus Lodge

5 January 2021

Products Used

  • HF310 Windows
  • HS330 Sliding Door

Shortlisted for RIBA South Regional Awards, this project was designed and built as 4 Mobile homes in a factory and then moved to site on the New Forest. The clients choose our Internorm HF310 and HS330 Timber Composite Triple Glazed Windows and Sliding Doors for the high quality and performance benefits over other composite windows and doors.

Designed to be the size of a mobile home so it could be transported for planning reasons, see architects website below for more info

Rufus Lodge

A Bespoke Modern Retreat

This stunning property mixes natural architecture with a contemporary finish to create this amazing lodge. Finished with our range of triple glazed windows and sliding doors, this property is designed with security, thermal efficiency and weatherproofing in mind. Located in the New Forest, this cosy retreat is perfect for anyone looking to relax and enjoy being closer to nature. 

Our range of products shine perfectly in this build- helping to create contrast against the wood-feel outside walls, while still working neatly within the desired colour palette. Our range of sliding doors leads to the patio area, perfect for relaxing visitors- making it easy to step out into nature any time. With Rufus Lodge being located in the New Forest, it’s important that this property celebrated the outside as much as possible- which is exactly what this property works to provide. 

Internorm HF310 and HS330 Timber Composite Triple Glazed Windows

Working to create a bespoke finish that flawlessly harmonises with nature, our client chose our range of Internorm HF310 and HS330 timber composite triple glazed windows. Triple glazed windows were a great choice for this property, helping to improve the client’s day to day living, as well as their energy bills. Not only do these windows work to keep the heat in during cold weather, but they also reduce noise levels and prevent drafts- resulting in a peaceful home, year round. 

This client chose our range of Internorm timber composite windows. Timber composite windows are a type of window made from a combination of timber and other materials. They provide the look and feel of traditional wooden windows while also providing greater longevity, energy efficiency and noise insulation. Timber composite windows offer increased security, weather resistance and cost savings over their traditional timber counterparts- perfect for Rufus Lodge, where maintaining a traditional feel was important for the final result. The combination of materials allows these impressive windows to resist rotting, warping or cracking compared to pure timber, as well as eliminating any painting or staining that is generally required to maintain pure wood frames. 

Internorm Sliding Doors

Our customers couldn’t be any happier with the huge, beautiful sliding doors we installed in this Rufus Lodge build. They provide exceptional natural lighting that creates an elegant backdrop to the home’s decor. Plus, their broad panels showcase the fantastic view outside! It’s truly photo-worthy!

The Internorm sliding doors from our collection combine the beauty of nature with modern style, creating an ideal solution for large-scale properties that need uninterrupted views and plenty of natural light. Their slim frames help bring together Rufus Lodge with the environment around it, helping to harmonise the space. This adds a touch of sophistication to the property while enhancing the breathtaking view.

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