Trimsaran School

5 January 2021

Products Used

  • Internorm HF310 Passivhaus Triple Glazed Timber Composite window

1 of 3 Passivhaus Schools ecoHaus is currently working on, this Passivhaus school is located in South Wales and was designed by Passivhaus architects Architype in Hereford. Our Internorm HF310 Passivhaus Triple Glazed Timber Composite window was chosen to ensure they meet the required standards.

Trimsaran School Project | South Wales

Beautiful Commercial Architectural Glazing in South Wales

Not only do ecoHaus work on residential properties, but we also work on a selection of commercial properties. This stunning school in South Wales needed new windows and doors installed. The modern design of the building required luxury windows and doors to suit the contemporary vidual of the wooden framed structure.

The property has also been designed to succeed Passive House standards, meaning that our collection of Internorm products were ideal for this project.

Keep on reading to find out more about the individual products we installed into this property and the benefits they offer. If you have any questions about any of our products on offer, then you can also give our team a call or fill in our online contact form.

Internorm HF310 Triple Glazed Composite Windows

The products that we installed into this property were the Internorm HF310 composite windows. Our timber composite windows are perfect for this school building as the profiles offer a durable profile to help withstand a range of harsher climates.

The Internorm composite windows were coloured in dual colour tones to help match the windows to the subdued interior tones. Whilst the exterior of the frames offered a more contrasting visual to make the profiles more of an interesting focal point for the building.

All of our timber composite windows can be custom designed to suit a range of property styles. We offer a selection of colour options as well as hardware and accessories to help you truly personalise the look of your new architectural glazing.

Passive House Suitable Windows

There are many incredible benefits with our Internorm timber composite windows. One of the benefits is that the profiles are Passive House suitable and will be able to offer exceptional thermal performance all year long.

They boast U-values as low as 0.6 W/m2k due to their extra layer of insulating foam. This will help to keep the school warm and a comfortable environment for all the students and teachers.

Along with their impressive thermal performance, the Internorm timber composite windows are PAS24 certified, meaning they have passed all the necessary security requirements. This will give the clients complete peace of mind that their school will be kept safe and secure year after year with durable and secure windows.

Architectural Glazing Prices, UK

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