Best Window Brands For Your 2024 Home Improvement Projects

9 January 2024

Are you looking to upgrade your home in 2024, and looking for the best brands to purchase your window upgrades from? EcoHaus is a partner of Rationel, Passivhaus, Velfac, Visiline, and Internorm, all of whom supply a wide range of window options for your home improvement projects.

In this article, we will be discussing the brands we offer at ecoHaus, and why they are some of the best options for your home in 2024.


Visiline aluminium windows large contemporary home with grey bricks and large windows

Internorm and Passivhaus

At ecoHaus, we’re proud to supply Internorm and Passivhaus products to people across Surrey, Cambridgeshire, Wales and more!

Internorm offers Passivhaus windows that provide comprehensive thermal and energy efficiency with U-values as low as 0.62W/(m2K).

Passivhaus is a leading building standard, making your property low energy and comfortable whilst reducing your home’s carbon footprint. Internorm supply windows that are built to Passivhaus standards, with I-tec Glazing for additional security, stability and thermal efficiency. Triple glazing is also offered to assist with thermal efficiency. Passivhaus windows are also created with outstanding airtightness to avoid draughts in your home, which reduce your home’s energy efficiency; additional shading solutions ensure minimal excessive solar heat during the warmer months and can be supplied in your choice of uPVC, timber or aluminium.

Internorm Timber-Aluminium windows are fully customisable to your home’s design, and create a modern aesthetic for your home. Ecohaus offer both Internorm Timber-Aluminium windows, perfect for traditional or heritage homes looking for detailed design and modern functionality, and Internorm uPVC-Aluminium windows, an ideal option for busy homes looking for low maintenance window styles.

Get in touch with the team to discuss your Passivhaus window projects and for more information on how Passivhaus standards improve your property’s carbon footprint.


Rationel is one of Europe’s leading window and door brands, supplying high quality windows to homeowners across the UK. Rationel offers two styles of windows for your home improvement window replacements: Auraplus and Formaplus.

Auraplus are the ideal window replacement solution for contemporary and modern homes. With their slim sightlines and sleek, minimal frames, Auraplus windows are a beautiful addition to any property. These windows are also made to last, with a long life expectancy of 83 years due to their external aluminium cladding. Auraplus windows also boast great thermal efficiency and noise reduction due to their excellent insulation.

Formaplus windows are the perfect addition to traditional homes, as they are designed to complement British architecture. The design of Formaplus windows with elements such as angled glazing beads and bevelled edges bring a timeless charm to this window style, perfect for classic homes. These windows are timber frames inside an aluminium covering, offering your home more thermal efficiency compared to traditional timber frames, which may rot or warp in severe weather conditions. They also come with multipoint locking systems throughout the window frame, giving you peace of mind when upgrading your home.

Rationel windows are customisable to your home’s needs and your personal aesthetic taste and can be created specifically for the measurements of your home, so the windows supplied to your home are perfectly fitted.

Rationel window with black aluminium frame and yellow flowers in vase


Velfac offers the Velfac 200 Energy windows, a timber composite window that offers a sophisticated and stylish look and is installed with triple glazing for energy efficiency. The Velfac 200 Energy windows boast a slim sash design with additional glazing bars, if desired, to achieve a traditional aesthetic design.

The Velfac200 Energy windows have great security standards with multipoint locking systems across the window frame that are reinforced for additional security. They also offer high levels of thermal efficiency and are weather resistant to even the worst weather conditions.


Here at ecoHaus, we supply Visiline ALU5 and ALU6 Windows with multiple designs available.

Visiline ALU5 and ALU5 View windows are perfect for newly built homes or modern renovations to pre-existing homes. The ALU5 range offers an airtight design with a triple gasket system to create an airtight barrier around the window, improving your property’s energy and thermal efficiency and reducing noise by creating additional soundproofing. The ALU5 View range comes with a hidden sash, allowing for slimmer sightlines for a better external view from the window and allowing you to open your home up to the outdoors with ease. Both ALU5 ranges can be personalised to your home’s needs and aesthetic, have been created with durable materials for long life and are low maintenance.

The Visiline ALU6 and ALU6 View ranges boast minimal sightlines for natural light enhancement and are triple glazed for your energy and thermal efficiency needs. Triple glazing ensures heat is kept within your home during the winter, and it is also fitted with a triple gasket system to stop heat from escaping from the window frame, similar to the ALU5 ranges. The ALU6 ranges are also compliant with PAS Security standards and can be designed to your home’s taste and aesthetic, ensuring all projects we complete with Visiline windows leave our customers satisfied.

Inspired to improve your home? Get in touch with our friendly team at 0800 612 6519 to learn more about our window brands and the options for your home improvement projects.

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