Choosing the Correct Accessories for your Passivhaus Windows

5 October 2023

At ecoHaus, we are delighted to offer a unique selection of custom-made architectural glazing. Our team of experts enjoy collaborating with homeowners to create their ideal living spaces, incorporating both traditional and contemporary designs. With a keen eye towards sustainability, we prioritise eco-friendly solutions and energy efficiency, with each and every home expertly crafted to the unique needs of the homeowner. One of our top-performing options is the Passivhaus design, utilising the natural energy that surrounds us each day for optimal thermal efficiency- saving on those nasty energy bills, and contributing to greener living, day in, day out. 

Passivhaus, also known as a Passive House, is a type of energy-efficient building design that aims to greatly reduce energy consumption and maintain comfortable indoor temperatures without relying on traditional heating or cooling systems. We achieve this through a combination of high levels of insulation, airtight construction, and strategic placement of windows and ventilation systems. The result is a building that is eco-friendly, cost-effective to operate, and provides a healthy and comfortable living environment for everyone. 

Passivhaus windows have become increasingly popular in recent years as an energy-efficient and eco-friendly option for use in a range of home projects. However, with the focus on the window itself, it can be easy to overlook the importance of choosing the correct accessories to complement and optimise the performance of these windows. From insulation and shading systems to ventilation and moisture control, in this article, we’ll discuss the key considerations when selecting accessories for your Passivhaus windows to ensure you’ll always experience the maximum level of comfort and energy efficiency in your home.

Passivhaus new build

What’s Available When It Comes to Passivhaus Windows?

When discussing the range of accessories we have available, it’s important to first go over the myriad of windows we offer. We offer an extensive range of Passivhaus windows here at ecoHaus, including the Rationel Timber Aluminium windows, Internorm Timber Aluminium Windows, Internorm uPVC Aluminium windows, and the VELFAC 200 Energy design. These all come with a range of accessories that make them great to upgrade any style of home with ease. 

One of the most memorable accessories we offer is the Juliet balcony.  This option can make even the smallest rooms feel wide open, with amazing views of the outdoors. These balconies are available with a range of different rails, including those with laminated safety glass rails, or round and square stainless steel safety rails. This can help any property feel light and airy. 

We also offer a range of sun and insect protection options- including integrated blinds, internal blinds, raffstores, internal venetian blinds, external roller shutters, fly screams and window shutters/ These options are perfect for homeowners looking to optimise the comfort, security and privacy of their homes without breaking the bank. All of our sun and insect protection offers are made to fit your new window design perfectly, making them the perfect addition to any style of home. We make it easy to adjust the level of light entering your property at any given time- which is perfect for our range of Passivhaus windows, where light entering the home helps to naturally heat and cool your surroundings. These accessories are therefore a smart choice for homeowners looking for optimal levels of temperature control. 

We also offer a range of Raffstore external blinds. These options are perfect for homeowners who live in direct sunlight, not wanting their homes to overheat on harsh summer days. It’s important to make sure your south-facing rooms have significant shade, especially in the hotter months- and our range of Raffstore external blinds help you do exactly that! These options boast up to 50% less cooling energy needed to cool down your home, up to 30% less energy consumption, and the ability to reduce your electricity costs by up to 80%. But that’s not all- these smart instalments also help your home to save up to 8.5 tonnes of CO2! 

At ecoHaus, we don’t sacrifice style for function. Our range of blinds are available in an array of stunning colours, perfectly complimenting any style of property. For a full look at the stunning colours we have available, download our brochure today. 

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Looking for a bespoke range of Passivhaus windows, with stunning accessories available to match? We’ve got you covered here at ecoHaus. We offer a range of smart accessories for each and every type of window, from modern to traditional- helping you to enjoy a comfortable, secure home all year round. 

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