How to Spring Clean Your Windows and Doors

9 February 2024

Here at ecoHaus, we can appreciate that you want to keep your home looking as fresh as possible for as long as possible. So we have created a handy guide for spring cleaning your windows and doors, ensuring they look brand new for years to come.

Know your windows and doors

It’s essential to understand the material of the windows and doors you are cleaning, as different materials may react with certain products. uPVC and aluminium are great options for homeowners who are looking for low-maintenance windows and doors, as they can be cleaned with simple products. In contrast, timber windows and doors may need specialised products to keep the integrity of the wood.

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Cleaning products and tools

The use of cleaning products on your windows and doors can cause long-term concern. Products such as bleach or cleaning pastes can damage the integrity of the window or door it is applied to, or cause issues such as peeling paint or scratching.

The best and most effective way of cleaning your windows and doors is with soap and warm water, and a microfibre cloth. These products ensure that you are not exposing your door to harsh and harmful chemicals, and materials such as scourers, which may cause scratching to your windows and doors.

Natural Options

If you are concerned with using harsh chemicals on your property’s windows and doors, an alternative option would be to use natural ingredients, such as white vinegar and essential oils. White vinegar has many cleaning properties, and is an excellent alternative to using chemical cleaning products. However, do not use vinegar-based products if your windows or doors have been undercoated or matte-painted, as they may be more susceptible to staining.

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Step by Step – How to Clean your Windows:

Firstly, ensure you have the correct products and equipment for cleaning your windows. You may need additional equipment such as step ladders and squeegees, especially for external cleaning of second floor windows. You will also need a bucket, your chosen cleaning products and warm water.

Ensure your windows and doors are wiped over with a microfibre cloth prior to adding product, to remove and disturb any grit or dirt that may be sitting on or in your window and door frames. It may also be helpful to hoover within the window and door frames, to remove outside dirt.

You can start cleaning your windows and doors by soaking a clean, microfibre cloth in the cleaning solution and wiping over the frames. This should dislodge any remaining dirt and clean up any stains or marks on your window or door frame. You can then wipe down with a dry cloth, or some kitchen towel.

For the glass within your windows and doors, you can buy specialised glass cleaning products, or you can use some fresh, clean, warm water and soap, separate from the water used previously for the frames, to avoid reapplying the dirt you have previously removed. You can use a squeegee to remove the soapy water from the glass, for a streak-free finish or a specialised glass cloth.

For the external frames and glass panes, start by hosing down the window to remove dirt and cobwebs. You can then carry out the same process for the outside of the windows and doors as you did for the inside. For more challenging markings or stains, you may benefit from opening the window from the inside and reaching out with a cloth or sponge, if you do not have the option of using a stepladder, for a more targeted approach to your cleaning.

Internorm Windows and Doors

Internorm windows in modern home

If you find that your property needs some replacements when cleaning your windows or doors, we offer Internorm products, which boast high-quality thermal efficiency and security.

Internorm windows can be installed in a range of properties, and we offer Internorm windows in uPVC-aluminium and timber-aluminium. Internorm uPVC-aluminium windows are our most popular window choice for homeowners, as they provide a low maintenance profile that comes in a range of colours and finishes, and are easy to clean. Internorm timber-aluminium windows are perfect for properties looking for traditional windows with modern performance and functionality, which also offer sleek and stylish design and noise reduction.

Internorm also offers a range of doors, from entrance doors to large sliding doors. Internorms’ entrance doors can be installed in aluminium or timber and come in a vast range of designs, styles, colours, and finishes. They are also fitted with concealed locking systems for additional security in your home. Internorm sliding doors are also perfect for homeowners looking to open their homes to the outside, with uninterrupted views and enhanced accessibility. We offer Internorm timber-aluminium sliding doors and Internorm aluminium sliding doors, providing your home with the highest quality, low-maintenance sliding doors.

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