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30 November 2023

At ecoHaus, we offer the best. That’s why we’re working with Rationel to bring you top of the line, high quality windows and doors. Here we explore the various Rationel windows that we offer to help improve your home.

Why Use Rationel Windows?

When it comes to top quality windows, Rationel are a go to provider! That’s because they offer fantastic durability, along with excellent soundproofing and provide a positive environmental impact. So why use Rationel Windows? Here are 5 top reasons…

1.Long lasting, sturdy, quality windows

Rationel windows provide top quality products that last. When you’re looking to replace windows in your home, you want to know that you’re getting a good return on investment – that they will last. Luckily, Rationel windows Auraplus and Fromatplus offer extensive durability, require low levels of maintenance and have a huge lifespan of over 80 years!

2. Eco friendly windows that are good for the environment

Rationel windows are fantastic for saving energy in the home and consequently reducing your energy bills. This in turn means that you can reduce your home’s carbon footprint, and contribute over all to a greener world!

Make your Rationel windows even more energy efficient by upgrading to triple glazing to help keep warmth in!

The attractive slender frames are made from aluminium and FSC certified wood, meaning that the wood is always responsibly sourced. They also allow for fantastic light transmission. If that wasn’t enough, Rationel windows also carry the ‘Indoor Climate Label’ – meaning that they won’t release any form of toxic substance after they are installed.

3. Keep quiet with Rationel Windows

Rationel windows can be created with double or triple glazing to help reduce noise in the home. At ecoHaus, our team of expert installers will also ensure a snug fit – helping you keep noise out and warmth in.

4. Secure windows

Rationel windows meet Secured By Design standards – a crime prevention initiative in the U.K that aims to reduce crime through the incorporation of security measures in buildings.

All Rationel windows are outward opening and meet Secured by Design standards, which means they are designed to withstand a typical burglar’s attempt to break into your home. Features such as extra strong ironmongery, laminated glass and multi-point locking all help keep you safe and secure.

5. Pick your own window design

Rationel windows are tailored to your home. You can choose from lots of different styles and ranges including:

  • a range of different opening types
  • an impressive palette of colours
  • different finishes
  • select a different colour inside and out
  • a range of glass options


Auraplus Windows

auraplus rationel windows

When it comes to Rationel windows, ecoHaus are delighted to offer AURAPLUS. Auraplus boasts key characteristics and benefits rooted in its minimal yet efficient design, making it suitable for a wide range of projects.

Auraplus windows are crafted with a durable aluminium exterior across a solid wood frame. Consequently, this window is designed to last, offering an impressive average life expectancy of 83 years!

Meeting Secured by Design requirements, it not only enhances the visual appeal of your home but also ensures security. We offer options for double glazing or triple glazing for heightened energy efficiency. With Rationel windows, you can ensure that your colours are matched to perfection; we offer Dual-colour frames at no additional cost and a palette of over 200 colour options.

Formaplus Windows

Rationel windows now offer the FORMAPLUS model; featuring bevelled edges and angled glazing beads. Formaplus is second to none when it comes to design advantage.

Formaplus incorporates a timeless design and is aesthetically pleasing as well as very durable – these Rationel windows are built to task!

As with the Auraplus windows, Formaplus consists of a durable and sturdy wooden frame with an aluminium exterior – strong, stable and aesthetically pleasing.

This window will not only enhance your home’s design but will also contribute to the security of your residence, because it meets the standards of Secured by Design.

Rationel windows for your home

If you’re interested in one of our fantastic Rationel window products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the team today!

At ecoHaus, we offer free, no-hassle, expert advice with no-obligation. Chat to one of our experts or visit your nearest showroom!

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