Stay Secure This Winter With Internorm Doors

8 November 2023


At ecoHaus, we supply and install Internorm entrance and sliding doors. These doors are made from timber or aluminium. The doors have a long lasting lifespan and fantastic thermal efficiency alongside contemporary aesthetics. During the winter months, you will experience expensive energy bills and you might be wondering how you can stay warm in your home this winter. In this article, we will give you some tips on how our Internorm doors will make your living space comfortable. Read on to find out more.

Upgrade to Thermally Efficient Triple Glazing

One way of making the most of your home’s warmth is to upgrade to thermally efficient triple glazing. While double glazing is a cost effective solution, triple glazing might be more expensive, but it offers low U Values of 0.8W/m2k. Triple glazing consists of three thick panes of glass that have an extra layer of glass, creating an impact on thermal insulation. They trap warm air in your property and save on those horrible energy bills when you upgrade.

The low U values of 0.8 are rarely exceeded so you will benefit from a warmer home all year round.  What’s more, triple glazing has no cold spots, so you don’t need to worry about draughts entering your home. If your aluminium entrance door reaches Passive House Requirements, U values as low as 0.75 W/m2k, providing even more warmth.

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Internorm Doors Offer Fantastic Soundproofing

Our Internorm doors provide a multi layered plate that offers a fantastic insulation of sound. This is perfect if you live in an area such as a loud neighbourhood or a busy street, as loud noises will be reduced to a whisper. Get peace of mind over time.

What’s more, our HS330 Timber Lift Aluminium Sliding Doors have been accredited by Secured by Design, which is an initiative that’s backed by the police to ensure that your living space is safe to live in. All our doors are PAS 24 tested, which is a measurement to ensure that windows and doors can repel attacks from opportunist burglars.

Take A Look At Our Timber Doors

Our Internorm doors are available in timber which is a naturally warm material. This makes it thermally efficient, lowering your energy bills significantly.  And they will significantly cut travelling sound out as well, resulting in a quieter home.

These modern timber doors will absorb and lose heat slowly, giving you fantastic insulation in the winter. Because timber is a good temperature insulator, it will last for many years and beyond, enhancing your safety and security.

 Low Thresholds Keep You Safe From Trip Hazards

When you choose our Internorm doors, they’re all available with a low threshold. This is a great way to prevent trip hazards and accidents, which is great if you have children running around frequently. It results in extra comfort and peace of mind.

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Aluminium Is One Of The Strongest Materials on the Market

It is worth mentioning that aluminium is one of the strongest materials on the market, helping you stay secure during the worst weather conditions. It is emphasised by a slender frame, supporting massive panes of glass for enhanced natural light.

These panels are durable, dealing with robust knocks from intruders. This deters them easily as they won’t break through. What’s more, Internorm doors are some of the most durable on the market, so you will feel confident that they will keep you protected against tough winds.

Stay Secure With RC1 and RC2 Protection

All our Internorm doors offer RC1 and RC2 protection as security, which will stop intruders from breaking in over time. Combined with the extra glazing, crowbars and saws c won’t be able to pry their way open.

What’s more, you will benefit from optional security measures such as cylinders, signal lights, and door blocks that increase your safety for longer.


We hope  this article has helped you understand how Internorm doors can help you stay safe and secure. Made from toughened aluminium, it can be upgraded to triple glazing for increased thermal efficiency and added security.

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