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11 November 2020

We can all agree that the difference between double and triple glazing is a lot more than just one pane of glass.

Triple glazing is now a staple in modern homes. With buildings losing up to 30% of their energy through their windows, it’s advantageous to know the facts and benefits of both double and triple glazing and, most importantly, which one you should choose for your home.

why invest in triple glazing

In short, we believe triple glazing is your best bet. As a leading supplier and installer of timber, aluminium and UPVC triple glazed windows in the UK, we have had plenty of experience dealing with all sorts of commercial and residential projects, and they always bring the most benefits to our clients; whether it be excellent noise reduction, impressive thermal insulation or dramatic decreases in energy costs.

But before you take what we’ve said on board, let’s take a look at each of the options individually so that you can decide for yourself. 

What is Double Glazing and How is it Made?

The explanation of double glazing is fairly straightforward. It’s a window that utilises two panes of glass separated by a thin pocket of air or gas (argon), a width typically between 10 and 20 mm. Manufacturers use argon because it’s a poor conductor, therefore acting as an insulator.

triple glazed windows gloucestershire

This additional pane is implemented either during the production of the window or after it has been installed into the property. The trapped air between the panes is sealed at low pressure and dried to prohibit any condensation from building up.

What are the Benefits of Double Glazing?

The first and most obvious benefit of double glazing is the improved thermal insulation (typically a u-value of around 1.6) through the gas cavity. This insulation is especially helpful during the winter months as with less heat leaving your home, you can stay warmer at a lower cost. However, it does not stop heat from being conducted through the window panes to the outside. It only slows it down, but it does so by a considerable amount!

Additional benefits include noise and condensation reduction. Whether it be early morning traffic, trains, aeroplanes or loud, local events, double glazing does a pretty good job at reducing this pollution from rolling in; making your home environment more enjoyable for your family. Condensation is also reduced due to the layer of dried gas between the panes, as stated previously.

There are other pros too including modern aesthetics and heightened security. But now you’re probably thinking, what are the cons?

The Drawbacks of Double Glazing

Yes, double glazing is initially cheaper than triple glazing, however the payback time for double glazed windows can be extremely lengthy, meaning you could be waiting a while until you make back the money you invested in your windows. On the other hand, the return on investment for triple glazing is much greater and quicker.

Possibly the most frustrating drawback of them all is the amount of heat that gets trapped during the summer period. Yes, the windows stop heat from being conducted from the outside, but they also stop heat from escaping. Annoying, right?

Another disadvantage is the difficulty in repairing double glazing due to the fact that they are secured units. If a pane is broken or isn’t 100% airtight, you will have to invest in entirely new windows. Some homeowners also end up eventually becoming unsatisfied with the interior or exterior aesthetics of their double glazed windows which leads to more money being spent.

What is Triple Glazing?

Triple Glazing is essentially the same as double glazing, but with another additional window pane and gas pocket; this pocket is manufactured to be wider than those on double glazed windows. This means that it offers everything that double glazing does, but MUCH better.

triple glazing by ecohaus

What are the Benefits of Triple Glazing?

Triple glazed windows even further reduce the amount of heat that can escape your home with u-values typically as low as 0.6 (when using the Internorm HV350 range). They also have impressive g-values of around 0.5 meaning they let 50% of the sun’s heat into your home compared to double glazing which lets in 70%.

replacing double glazing with triple glazing

This takes thermal insulation and temperature control to a whole new level. Reducing your heat loss during the winter and heat gain (greenhouse effect) during the summer means that triple glazed windows are optimised to reduce your energy bills all year round. Specifically, research has shown that you could save up to £175 per year. This is a fantastic return on investment.

Another great benefit is the sound reduction. Yes, double glazing does this well, but triple glazing does it better. If you live in a noisy environment such as an airport or train line and have the budget, then they are the windows for you.

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Other advantages include home security and reduced condensation. The addition of yet another pane of glass means triple glazing is even more secure; this is enhanced when the supplier of the windows also offer advanced security technology (like our Internorm triple glazed windows) such as I-tec glazing and locking. Because of triple glazing’s impressive Ug-values, the chance of condensation build-up is minuscule.

What are the Drawbacks of Triple Glazing?

Yes, you guessed it – it’s more expensive. But only in the short-term!

You can’t get more for less, which is why triple glazing costs around 10 – 20% more than double. If you’re tight for budget and want to minimise the amount you spend on your windows, then you may want to look into a cheaper option such as the ecoHaus visiline range.

Triple glazed windows can also damage your property structure (due to their weight) when installed without the proper support. To avoid this, you should ensure that you purchase your triple glazed windows from a platinum level Internorm partner such as ecoHaus Internorm.

Other disadvantages include the inability to repair the window once it has been installed and it’s also worth noting that the product is much heavier due to the additional glass pane. However, these drawbacks are greatly outweighed by the countless benefits triple glazing can bring to your home.

The Benefits of Triple Glazing Over Double Glazing

To summarise, we believe that triple glazing is the more superior window in almost every aspect. Firstly, they provide better thermal insulation for your home with u-values as low as 0.6, keeping you warmer during the winter months, saving you money and providing a greater return on investment. Because they reduce a larger amount of heat loss, they therefore decrease the chances of condensation building up on the inside of your window.

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Secondly, as stated previously, triple glazed windows let through less of the sun’s heat than double glazing (50% compared to 70%, respectively). This means your home will stay cooler during the summer months. Other benefits of triple over double include sound reduction, decreased light penetration and advanced security.

It’s a no brainer. Triple glazing provides more benefits and adds more value when considering all these other attributes, despite them being a more expensive investment initially.

Internorm Triple Glazed Windows from ecoHaus

ecoHaus Internorm is a leading Internorm window and door supplier, the first UK partner to be awarded the highest European partner rating. We install triple glazed Internorm windows in a number of styles including studio, home pure, home soft and ambiente across the UK, helping clients choose the right designs for their homes whilst cutting their energy bills by excessive amounts.

We also supply and install the contemporary and modern visiline range; a new release of timber/aluminium triple glazed windows at a slightly cheaper cost, boasting thermal insulation of up to 0.73 and noise reduction of 40dB.

If you would like to learn more about our triple glazed Internorm windows, get in touch with our team or schedule an appointment at your nearest showroom to experience these technologically advanced windows for yourself.

With so many different designs, which will you choose?

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